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Ancestris is a free genealogy program and is continually developing. If you feel that you can contribute - with ideas, suggestions and documentation on this wiki, translation of pages which need to be translated, etc... - please do not hesitate to create an account and help in the writing of this web site.

As we have got massive attacks on this wiki, I've got to change the way you can create an account on this web site.

So, to create an account, it's very simple.

Just send :

  • Your name and firstname,
  • A nick
  • A password of your choice. (you will be able to change it next time you log in).
  • an email address

to francois@ancestris.org - ("francoisATancestrisDOTorg" (AT must be changed by @ and DOT by a dot (.) so johndoeATancestrisDOTorg is : johndoe@ancestris.org))

If you have an account on that wiki, please log in.

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