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Here are some screenshots from Ancestris 0.7 under Linux Ubuntu.



Ancestris can be organized using different layouts.

You can have multiple tabs in the same window (here we have the Ancestris Navigator, the Tree View, the Geo View and the Timeline View).

Tiedosto:Layout with four tabs on one window.png
Ancestris Navigator docked (clic to enlarge)

You can decide to make a window to float, or to dock it. In the following screenshots, you will see the Ancestris Navigator as a tab of the main window, then once you decide to make it to float, you have it floating on the second screenshot.

Tiedosto:Ancestris Navigator docked.png
Ancestris Navigator docked (clic to enlarge)
Tiedosto:Ancestris Navigator floated.png
Ancestris Navigator floated (clic to enlarge)

You can have as many windows as you want in the same layout. Here is an example of a possible layout with three windows, the TreeView, the Ancestris Editor and the Table View :

Tiedosto:TreeView AncestrisEditor TableView.png
Tree View, Ancestris Editor and Table View (clic to enlarge)

The same one, but with the Gedcom Editor. So a layout with the TreeView, the Gedcom Editor and the Table View.

Tiedosto:TreeView GedcomEditor TableView.png
Tree View, Gedcom Editor and Table View (clic to enlarge)

Tree View

Tiedosto:Ancestris TreeView.png
Ancestris Tree View (clic to enlarge)
Tiedosto:Ancestris TreeView Settings Menu.png
Ancestris Tree View - Settings Menu


Ancestris comes with two editors, the Ancestris editor, and the gedcom editor.

Ancestris Editor: This one allows you to create and modify most of informations about one person without directly modifying the Gedcom file. This is the easiest way to work with Ancestris. Actually only the main informations are supported.

Tiedosto:Ancestris editor.png
Ancestris editor (clic to enlarge)

Gedcom Editor: You can't find more powerful as this one. With it you can do everything. This editor is for advanced users. You must know how a gedcom file is built, you have to know the gedcom specs. But we are sure that after two or three months using Ancestris you will use only that editor.

Tiedosto:Gedcom editor.png
GEDCOM editor (clic to enlarge)

Table View

Tiedosto:Ancestris TableView.png
Ancestris Table View (clic to enlarge)

Timeline View

Tiedosto:Ancestris Chronological View.png
Ancestris Timeline View (clic to enlarge)
Tiedosto:Ancestris Chronological View Settings Menu.png
Ancestris Timeline View - Settings Menu

Ancestris Navigator

This is the Ancestris navigator. With it, you have a summary of the close family of an individual, with his/her child(ren), his/her parents, his/her brothers, sisters. A click on a person open the Ancestris Editor.

Tiedosto:Fenetre principale-en.png
Main window (clic to enlarge)

Geo View

Here you have a screenshot with one of the plugins available, the geoview plugin. Of course you can have multiple views, as they can be arranged as tabs of one of the windows. Here on the main window, you have three tabs, with the Ancestris Navigator (see above, the first screen capture), the Tree View, and the Geo View (the focus on this screen capture has been put to the Geo View). On your right, you have the Ancestris Editor, and below, the Table View.

Tiedosto:GeoView AncestrisEditor TableView.png
Geo View, Ancestris Editor and Table view (clic to enlarge)

Preferences Menu

Ancestris is fully customizable. You can change your preferences under this screen :

Tiedosto:Ancestris Prefs.png
Preferences window (clic to enlarge)

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