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Ancestris sukututkimusta ohjelma

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Attention Tämä sivu tarvitsee käännöksen.

Puhutko suomea? Jos näin on, auta meitä kääntämään sivu suomeksi. Jos et tiedä miten muutat tekstiä wiki sivustossa, lähetä käännöksesi osoitteeseen frederic@ancestris.org - Kiitos.

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Our Forum is available at http://forum.ancestris.org

Mailing List

This is the general list for Ancestris.

Requesting an enhancement, an help, can be done through the Ancestris users english mailing list. All News will be announced there too. Low traffic.

How to register

  • You want to subscribe (two ways) :
  • Just send a message to:
"ancestris_en-subscribe@ancestris.org". You don't have to write something in the body of your message, but in the line "Subject", just write the word subscribe. That's all.


  • Just click on the Email address beside ancestris_en-subscribe@ancestris.org this will open your mail client and will put the correct words in each field. What to do next? Just send the message.

How to write to the mailing list SysOp

  • You want to send a message to the list administrator:


This is another place where you can speak with Ancestris users.

There, no problem, the IRC [1] is available on the Freenode network.

You can join us on : irc.freenode.net, Chanel : #ancestris

On that chanel there are people who can speak english, so you should join us to give us feedback, to ask for some help (if you need some), etc. about the Ancestris software.

Tip : Even if you don't want to install an IRC client, you can access, by clicking on that link, to the Ancestris IRC chanel thru the Web with just Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Our team, our users and more

  1. IRC or "Internet Relay Chat", is a way to chat with people using your computer."

You speak finnish? If so, please help us to translate that page into finnish. If you don't know how to change a text on a wiki web site, send your translation to frederic@ancestris.org - Thank you.
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